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  • The Connection Between Staff Satisfaction and Work Environment

    Employee turnover is a big issue in Cambodia, especially at the rank-and-file level. However, experience in Cambodia tells us that there are easy ways to bypass this problem. We previously covered the power of training to foster loyalty, but it does not stop there. Today, we will tackle the work environment and its impact on […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Using ‘Training’ Can Boost Your Leadership

    No matter if you are already a leader or looking to become one, gaining leadership skills will forever be an on-going process. Leaders must be careful to never stagnate in their professional development. Otherwise, they might risk losing their position and/or the respect from those they lead. Effective leaders must combine an excellent ability to […]

  • How can Professionals Master New Skills?

    How to Master New Skills in Several Days? That’s an excellent question! As a trainer center, we offer both Certificate Courses and Diploma Programs. Certificate courses, well-known to the public, are short courses, from 1 to 2 days long, focusing on one specific subject and are geared for emerging leaders, mid-level managers, and senior managers. […]


Strong Economy

7% GDP growth in Cambodia for the last 5 years – ADB

Growing Middle Class

1.5 billion people in the Asia Pacific region are expected to move from low-income to middle-income status by 2030. – OECD

Young Population

65% of Cambodia’s population is under 30 years old – UNDP

Skills Gap

An inadequately educated workforce remains a major problematic factor for doing business in Cambodia – WEF

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