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  • How can Professionals Master New Skills?

    How to Master New Skills in Several Days? That’s an excellent question! As a trainer center, we offer both Certificate Courses and Diploma Programs. Certificate courses, well-known to the public, are short courses, from 1 to 2 days long, focusing on one specific subject and are geared for emerging leaders, mid-level managers, and senior managers. […]

  • 3 Reasons Why You Need Life-Long Learning

    Many have the common idea that a university degree is all you need to get started in your career. Once you’ve been hired, experience will be the only worthwhile tool to have for future moves. Sorry to say, but it is plain wrong. As good and necessary as experience is, it is far from enough […]

  • Upscaling Human Resources in Cambodia: an SME Challenge

    Human Resources best practices are well-known worldwide. Companies must treat their employees fairly and show generosity towards them, even if it cost them bonuses and days off, because a happy employee is 10 times more productive than an unhappy one. This logic is the foundation of a popular saying: “work smarter, not harder”. Nowadays, some […]


Strong Economy

7% GDP growth in Cambodia for the last 5 years – ADB

Growing Middle Class

1.5 billion people in the Asia Pacific region are expected to move from low-income to middle-income status by 2030. – OECD

Young Population

65% of Cambodia’s population is under 30 years old – UNDP

Skills Gap

An inadequately educated workforce remains a major problematic factor for doing business in Cambodia – WEF

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