2017 is shaping up to be another year in the early stages of a technological boom of the twenty-first century. Many recent inventions have been made which have led to the creation of many new jobs. For example, there are social media marketers whose job is to focus on reaching an audience through social media platforms that did not even exist a few years ago. People are questioning what skills they need to really put them ahead of the competition in the job market. Below is our list of the top 5 hottest skills which are in demand in the job market for 2017:

  1. Data Storage Management

This might be confusing since you might wonder why a company is looking for experts in storing files in the cabinet. When a company is looking for someone who is knowledgeable in managing computer data it’s actually more than just knowing how to use it. A core part of many companies is the data; hence, maintaining the high security of a company’s data, ensuring easy navigation, and keeping data backed up is a great skill for job applicants to present.

  1. SEO/SEM Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To be detailed, SEO is the process of making your website be listed first in searches on sites like Google when people search type in key words related to your company’s content. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing which is a strategy that mainly focuses on driving traffic to your website through a search engine. Whoever wants to search for information about something, a search engine like Google is the first place to find out. Thus, there is no doubt that companies want their websites to be on the top search. Acquiring such skills will make you a desirable candidate if you are pursuing a career in marketing.

  1. Data Presentation

We listed the skill of storing data, and data delivery is just as important. Companies are looking for employees who are able to arrange and present data so that others can understand it easily. Companies can increase sales if the information about their products and services are presented clearly and concisely to customers. Most customers do not like and try to avoid products with complicated information that is hard to understand. Customers are attracted to products and services they can understand in few moments, a few slides, or quick video.

  1. Mobile Development

Every website and software nowadays is built based on mobile-first. It is estimated that 80% of Cambodians access the internet 100% through a mobile device. The proliferation of smart phones and tablets is not showing any signs of slowing and this trend will keep going for another several years. Accordingly, careers that require skills in website and app development for optimized for mobile devices can be very promising to enhance your career prospects.

  1. Network and Information Security

There have been so many concerns regarding to the security of a company’s data on the web. News about major firms getting hacked, e.g. Yahoo, are becoming more and more frequent. Companies in Cambodia are slowly realizing that cyber security is not a matter to be ignored. Companies are now looking for applicants who can prevent their data from being attacked.