Developing Employees course at CLPDDeveloping Employees On-the-job benefits

Developing Employees course participants will gain the following significant benefits:

  • Improved management skills by developing employees
  • Understanding of coaching and developing employees
  • How the customer’s needs address training and development requirements
  • Identify each employee’s development needs and opportunities

Target Audience

The Developing Employees course is recommended for:

  • Any manager wanting development on interactions with employees


  • HR Essentials


Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and Apply the Fundamentals for Training and Development Programs
  • Understanding Needs Analysis (SWOT) and EGG Models
  • Be Able to Identify Company Development Needs
  • Understand Processes for Individual Employee Development

Course Modules

  • Fundamentals of development programs
    • Coaching employees
    • Immediate, medium and long-term development
    • Ownership of development
    • Flexibility of learning
    • Virtual learning?
    • How trust and loyalty affect development and learning
    • Overview of different learning styles
  • What is a SWOT and how do I do it?
    • Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
    • How to lean on your strengths and develop your weaknesses
  • What is the EGG Model and how do I do it?
    • Understanding the needs of your customers
    • How their needs address your training and developing gaps
  • What basics does our company need to train on?
    • Understanding what each employee needs to be successful at your organization.
    • Job specific differences.
    • Training for consistency of experience.
  • The individual development plan (IDP)
    • Revisiting goal setting and performance management
    • Identifying development opportunities
    • Assigning, tracking and evaluating development