On-the-job benefits

Leadership Strategies for Cross-cultural Teams course participants will gain the following significant benefits:

  • Deal with multicultural environments
  • Manage multicultural teams, producing effective multicultural teamwork
  • Adapt quickly to new responsibilities and workplaces
  • Bring people together

Target Audience

The Leadership Strategies for Cross-cultural Teams course is recommended for:

  • Business managers and emerging leaders dealing with team workers from different countries
  • Managers aiming to work overseas


There are no-prerequisites for this course.


Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand diversity and its implications
  • Identify the stereotypes and answer to them
  • Use politically correct terms and avoid those that are not
  • Apply the four cornerstones of diversity
  • Deal with all inappropriate behaviors and discrimination
  • Develop a globalized management style to encourage action through diversity

Course Modules

Days 1 and 2: Leadership Strategies for Cross-cultural Teams

  • Defining Diversity
  • How does diversity affect us?
  • Identifying Stereotypes
  • Wise Words
  • The Cornerstones of Diversity
  • How to Encourage Diversity
  • The Stop Technique
  • Managing with Diversity
  • Dealing with Discrimination

Training Methodology

  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Interactive classes
  • Group discussions
  • Case studies & stories
  • Reflective exercises

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Course Details

Dates & Location
February 08 – 09, 2017 (1.5 days)
AUPP New Campus

Tuition Cost
Individual enrollments: $350 per person
Early Individual enrollments: $315 per person

The Instructor

Peter Chandra, PhD

Dr. Peter Chandra is a leadership and business strategy specialist. He has held numerous senior level positions at many large publicly traded companies around the world as well as several prestigious organizations including British Airways and Hewlett Packard. In addition to Dr. Chandra’s extensive consulting experience he was also an adviser to The Prince’s (Prince of Wales) Trust in the UK. He is used to the challenges of multi-cultural environments, with 25 years’ experience as a Trainer, Consultant, Director, CEO, and Chairman for both for-profit and non-profit organizations in the UK, Australia, and South-East Asia

Holding a PhD in Sociology of Education, Dr. Peter Chandra is the CLPD expert for all training concerning teamwork, project management, board governance, leadership, business performance, and business strategy. Peter is currently the Managing Director for Strategy4 Pty Ltd, a consulting firm based in Melbourne Australia. His vast experiences across varying sectors has given him a depth of expertise in leadership, project management, and strategic thinking.

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