Building an Effective Team

On-the-job benefits

Building an Effective Team course participants will gain the following significant benefits:

  • Improved management skills
  • Understanding of coaching
  • Development of teamwork, motivation and loyalty to the leader of the team
  • Higher productivity along with work efficiency

Target Audience

The Building an Effective Team course is recommended for:

  • First-line and Project Managers


  • None – Foundational Course

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the basics of a high-performing team
  • How power should change to “influence” in effective teams
  • Utilizing high performing teams to be centers for creativity and innovation
  • The role of a leader in a high performing team
  • Leading diverse teams (thought and culture)
  • Understanding the impact of emotions
  • Building an effective team


  • Team Performance
    • Communication styles
    • Team performance analysis
    • Types of high performing teams and threats to effectiveness
    • How to work across distance
  • Power and Influence
    • Understanding networks of influence and authority
    • Building and using organizational capital
  • Creating and Innovating
    • Effective brainstorming
    • 2 types of thinking: convergent and divergent
    • Selling creative ideas to the organization (getting support)
  • Leading an Effective (Creative) Team
    • Environment and culture (good vs bad conflict)
    • Challenges in teamwork – learning from each other
    • Turning I into WE – Find the facts and back the plan
    • Valuing diversity (wanting it too!)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Coaching
    • EQ vs. IQ
    • Personal plan to increase EQ
    • Communicating the importance of emotions


Course Details

Dates & Location
November 27 – 28, 2017 (1.5 days)
AUPP New Campus

Tuition Cost
Individual enrollments: $350 per person
Early Individual enrollments: $315 per person

The Instructor

Developing Employees Instructor

Thomas J. Carnahan, PhD

Thomas is a Human Resources and Hospitality expert. He has 15 years of industry experience in the public and private sector working with government and service organizations; specifically the US Department of Defense, various public safety departments in the United States, a multitude of hotels/restaurants and globally with FedEx Express. His projects and research are mostly related to the employee life cycle (recruitment, selection and retention). He is the former Chief Science Officer of Nfoshare (an employee engagement company) and HR Business Strategist to the Vice President of Human Resources at FedEx Express. His work has received three Federal Department of Defense awards for excellence as well as a multitude of individual and team awards at FedEx Express.

Currently, Dr. Carnahan is a Professor of Business and Statistics at American University of Phnom Penh. His doctoral dissertation focused on developing a new statistic for determining interrater reliability for structured interviews and his master’s thesis focused on how participant self-selection is influenced by both the participants’ personality and the wording of the recruitment advertisement. He is originally from the United States but currently calls Phnom Penh home. If you take a class with Dr. Carnahan, be prepared to laugh; because, as a former stand-up comedian, he strongly believes that laughter is the best way to engage an audience!

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