Master Your Skills

Diploma Programs

Diploma Programs at the AUPP Center for Leadership and Professional Development offers premier training solutions for working professionals and companies wanting to take their leadership skills to the next level. Even though AUPP’s accredited American dual degrees are highly coveted by the local companies and individuals, most working adults are busy and don’t have the time to go back to university to complete a degree. CLPD Diploma courses offer the same rigorous level of study to working professionals, in a flexible format that fits their busy schedule.

Diploma programs from CLPD are compiled of 5 or more individual certificate courses and are focused around a main discipline. These programs are ideal for managers and those in leadership positions that need to expand their scope of skill sets on the job. CLPD offers several diploma courses in subjects such as management, human resources, and operations management. Graduates that complete a CLPD diploma course may be able to transfer college credit from their diploma courses towards an accredited American dual degree should they want to pursue a degree at AUPP.